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Lost and Found (or best offer!)

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Hey Kids! if you are gonna leave something at Open Mic, leave something good.
This stuff is all crap, so you can have it back if you want it...


Music Notebook with Guitar Chord Finder!

if you are looking for this..here it is! ( I copied the guitar chord thing...handy!)


Music Notebook

Vintage Fender Jazz Bass with Cat!

This is a keeper! We been having trouble getting the cat to use the litter box!


Vintage Fender J-bass

Boss Guitar/chromatic tUner


Taylor electro-acoustic with gig bag!

Nice guitar, thanks, it matches my dog! Thanks for the credit card too, Stop in next Thursday to sign off on our bar tab!


Don't know what this is, but I bet somebody is looking for this cause it's important!

drum thing

Boss Guitar/chromatic tUner


Boss Guitar/Chromatic Tuner!

These things are handy!

NIce Watch!

I dont have a watch cause I don't care what time it is! If you lost this, it is at Big Johns so you can pickit up there!

digital watch

Saxophone Strap

Saxophone Strap

I wonder who could have lost THIS! It looks like it might be useful for something, BUT WHAT?

Another Music Notebook!

Plus a bonus tamborine! I'm startin' to get quite a collection of these things!

Karen Moores Music Notebook

Ya ain't gettin' this back!

Cuz I like it, looks good on the Les Paul...comfy too! Needlepoint sun on blue back ground guitar strap.


And it isn't even Thanksgiving! Somebody must feel like a turkey leaving this stuff behind!

Snare drum in gig bag and leather stick portfolio

Inanez GSR100 Electric Bass Guitar

Ibanez GSR100 Electric Bass Guitar

Well, technically it's not a lost and found thing...nobody left it at open mic. Somebody borrowed for a gig and left it at my house for someone else to pick up. But I sent them an email to stop by to pick it up and they didn't respond. So I'm thinking it's like a gift, maybe they just want me to keep it. Perhaps they are too shy to say "Hey Johnny, just keep that old bass, vaya con Dios dude, rock on!". Right? So, not sure what to do with it now, it's a nice bass and I would just like to keep it but eBay has those celebrity auction things and this might fetch a couple bucks.

Rhythm Tech Pro Tamborine

Rhythm Tech Pro Tambourine

Yes friends, this is the tamborine that NASA astronauts use on spacewalks...
"The "Pro" represents a major advancement in the art and science of percussion, and is destined to become the new professional standard for sound, feel and performance. This model features advanced synthetic materials and computer-assisted design and manufacturing methods to create a completely redesigned more ergonomic handle, more efficient jingle placement, improved balance, as well as a resilient over-molded GLS playing edge." Musicians Friend Catalog

Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonica Set

Kinda neat I guess, don't play harmonica at all...gotta a set of Chicago Blues Harps. Never used 'em. These are kinda nice, black finish, nice case...

Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonicas

Tama double bass drum pedal

Tama Double Bass Drum Pedal

Fancy pants double bass drum kicker! And I have a Tama kit too! Perfect compliment to my drum kit, wouldn't go out and buy this myself, but pretty cool...

Glass Guitar Slide

Well, somebody's gonna be usin' a shot glass for a slide tonite! Players always ask me if I have one of these little doodads and now I do!

Glass Guitar Slide

Cell Phone

Samsung Verizon Cell Phone

Long distance operator, get me Memphis Tennesee
Help me find the party who left their cell phone with me
I used up all the minutes and the battery is dead
When they get their cell phone back I'm sure they'll be seeing red


Dreamcatcher Necklace

I'm just not sure what to say about this...


Musiuc Notebook

Music Notebook

I spy with my little eye.......a music notebook? Yes, indeed it is! Hee hee :)


Rocktron Guitar Amplifier

This is kinda nice. I still like my Fender Champ though, a little smaller and lighter than this thing. But I do want to thank whoever left this, very generous!

Rocktron Guitar Amp

Kyser Capo

Kyser Capo

Low ticket item but kinda neat. Like guitar picks, these things come in handy at open mic. I don't really use one myself, I have a Dunlop capo around here somewhere...

Sure SM57 Instrument Microphone

Sah-weet! Now this is what I am talking about! A quality Sure Instrument Mic with a leatherette case, accessories and 20' mic cord. Perfect! Johnny Keys can use this sort of stuff and if not, it goes quick on E-bay. So if this is yours, hurry cuz the auction ends in 3 days!

Sure SM57 Instrument Mic

Vacuum Tube

JJ Electronic Vacuum Tube EL34

This might be useful, but I don't have a tube amp. Next time forget your amp! Preferably a Fender Hot Rod or somethin'...

Bugler Cigarette Tobacco

Waste of good rolling papers and the papers that come with this stuff aren't any good either. In any case, Johnny Keys only smokes Parliament Lights...

Bugler Cigarette Tobacco

Jewel CD

Jewel "Pieces of You" CD

This cd really sucks, depressing. So I won't be returning it. I am doing you a favor, you know who you are!

Leather Guitar Strap

Got lots of guitar straps of my own, this one feels like sandpaper...kinda ugly too.

guitar strap

level 1 t-shirt

Embroidered "Level 1" T-shirt

Okay, so the bingo prizes aren't all that great, but you won, you picked it, so take it home with ya!

Assorted Pics

I can use these, they aren't too worn out. Guitar players bring all kinds of extra stuff like tubes, guitar straps, etc. but usually forget to bring a guitar pick. Well, they have a lot on their minds I guess, so I will be handing these out in emergencies.

guitar picks



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