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Walkin' On - Brian Fitzpatrick and the Band of Brothers

Short clip of "Walkin' On" from Brian's new CD Worse for Wear recorded live at the Beverly Art Center in Chicago, Ill. (June 21, 2008)

Here's some live recordings we made at the open mics, nothing fancy...



Been a Long Time (4.4 meg mp3)

Johnny Keys on guitar/vocals, Mike Dietschel on bass guitar and Marcel on drums (May 31, 2008)



Swinging (3.32 meg mp3)

The Farmer Phil Band at Big Johns Pub Open Mic (September 20, 2007)



Can't Ya See (9.02 meg mp3)

Full band with Barbara on vocals and flute, Pancakes on modified screen door somewhat resembling an electric guitar, Gene on electric guitar, Freddy on bass, Rich on congas, Carl on drums, Karen on tamborine and Johnny Keys on pie-ana. (April 12, 2007)


Burt and George (4.16 meg mp3)

Burt on vocals and acoustic guitar accompanied by George on acousrtic guitar. (April 12, 2007)


Hotel CA (9.18 meg mp3)

Barbara on lead vocals, Gene on backup vocals and electric guitar, Pancakes on modified screen door somewhat resembling an electric guitar, Freddy on j-bass and Carl on drums. (April 12, 2007)


Jammin (8.56 meg mp3)

We're not in Kansas anymore! John on 5 string bass, Gene on electric guitar, Mick on electric guitar, Mike on piano and Carl on drums. (March 30, 2007)


Star Spangled Banner(1.21 meg mp3)

"Oh say can you see?" Yep, that one. John warming up his amp....with a little help from Mick on electric guitar. (March 30, 2007)


Make Believe (3.16 meg mp3)

Farmer on vocals and acoustic guitar, Gene on electric guitar, Paul on bass, Jill on tamborine, Johnny Keys on piano and Rich on drums. (March 15, 2007)


Ode to Billy Joe (3.99 meg mp3)

Jill on vocals and tamborine, Paul on electric guitar, Gene on bass and Rich on congas. (March 15, 2007)


Blues (5.41 meg mp3)

Ed on vocals and electric guitar, Gene on guitar, Dean on bass, Moses on keyboards and Carl on drums. (March 8, 2007)


Blown Away (3.73 meg mp3)
Old Man (3.44 meg mp3)

Original by singer/songwriter Brian on vocals,acoustic guitar and stompbox, Jill on tamborine. (March 1, 2007)

Brian on vocals, acoustic guitar, Rich on drums and Gene on bass guitar. (March 1, 2007)


Everywhere (3.97 meg mp3)

Farmer Phil on acoustic guitar and vocals, Gene on fiddle and Johnny Keys on piano. Oops! And Mike D. on bass!! (March 1, 2007)



Gold Dust Woman(4.94 meg mp3)

"Found the lyrics?"

"Got `em, let's go!"

Sue and Jill on vocals, Gene on electric guitar, Ed on electric guitar, Mike on bass, Rich on drums and Johnny Keys on Hammond. (March 1, 2007)



Can't Ya See(7.07 meg mp3)

Sometimes open mic, like an old car, needs a little priming to get started. In this case, an old chestnut to get everyone to put down their drinks and get their asses off the bar stool.

Johnny Keys on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, flute? yikes! Sue and Jill on vocals, , Ed on electric guitar, Gene on electric guitar, George on acoustic guitar, Matt on sax, Farmer Phil on congas (YIKES!!), Mike on bass and Rich on drums. (March 1, 2007)



A Little Improvisation (6.67 meg mp3)

Gene on lead vocals and electric guitar, Ed on Electric Guitar, Moses on Bass, Carl on Drums, Shane and Brynen on Piano and Jerry on Congas. (February 22, 2007)



63 Strat Tattoo (3.26 meg mp3)

Paul on lead vocals and electric guitar, Jill tamborine and backing vocals, Carl on Congas and Rich on Drums. (February 22, 2007)



Everybody Hurts (2.46 meg mp3)

Shane on acoustic guitar, Brynen on electric guitar and vocals, Paul on bass and Rich on Drums. (February 15, 2007)



Folsom Prison (2.92 meg mp3)

Farmer Phil, Paul on electic guitar, George on acoustic guitar, Gene on bass, Johnny Keys on piano, Rich on drums, Brynen on congas, Jill on tamborine. (February 15, 2007)




Same Old 45 (3.74 meg mp3)

Paul on guitar, Jill on vocals, Rich on drums. Paul using his vintage 60's Silvertone guitar and DanElectro tube amp. (February 15, 2007)




Leave My Girl Alone (8.75 meg mp3)
Stormy Monday (7.79 meg mp3)

Couple little blues tunes with Gene and Charley on guitar, John on Bass, Johnny Keys on piano, Paul on Harmonica, Matt on Sax and Tommy on Drums. (February 8, 2007)



If It Makes You Happy (4.06 meg mp3)
If I Were You
(3.64 meg mp3)

Jill and Paul with acoustic versions of Sheryl Crow and Kasey Chambers songs... (February 8, 2007).



Bring It On Down (13.3 meg mpeg)

Short video clip of Fred on bass, Gene and Paul on guitars and Rich playing drums. (December 21, 2006)



Hotel California (10.9 meg mpeg)

Short video clip of Gene on guitar, Fred on bass, Sue on vocals and Rich playing drums on an old Eagles tune. (December 21, 2006)



Shame On the Moon (9.77 meg mpeg)

Short video clip of Jill with Paul on guitar performing an acoustic Rodney Crowell song (December 14, 2006).




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